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business owners imageBeing a small business owner comes with a set of challenges and rewards. Many people are drawn to entrepreneurship for the freedom and flexibility it can afford. As a business owner you are responsible on two levels:

  • for your own financial security and that of your family, and
  • for the financial well-being of the business and your employees.

We are familiar with these challenges: both as business owners ourselves, and of course through the extensive work we do with our business owner clients.

For business owners, our services include:

  • Assessment of the company’s current retirement plan(s)
  • Assessment of your group benefits through our strategic relationships
  • Review of your commercial P&C insurance
  • Design tax planning strategies that are favorable to you as the employer, considering the short and long-term implications
  • Multi-life disability planning
  • Disability gap planning for the highly compensated, key people, and owners. Existing employer-paid group disability plans often leave a sizable gap between actual income and the allowable monthly benefit
  • Developing business continuation or exit strategies for the owner, including strategies to replace the owner's income and maintain your standard of living after exit from the business
  • As part of our services, for qualified businesses, we provide a Preliminary Business Evaluation as part of our services.

Ultimately, business owners are also individuals and can benefit from the work we do with our individual and family clients

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