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The Vault & Client Website

One of the services we provide to our clients is The Vault & Client Website 

Vault Dashboard

Now, you can organize your financial life with your own digital wealth management portal and protect your most important documents, irreplaceable photos, videos, and family histories.

  • The Client Website provides you with a consolidated view of everything you own, and everything you owe…updated daily and accessible on your smartphone as well.
    • o The answers you need, wherever you are
    • o Keep track of all your accounts on one page: bank, investments, credit cards, retirement accounts, insurance, etc.
    • o Monitor your cash flow, spending, and progress towards your goals
    • o The Awards tab is a free service that allows you to track Frequent Flyer miles, Hotel Award points, Credit Card Awards, and other points programs
  • The Vault provides secure storage for valuable personal documents (wills, trusts, insurance documents, passports, etc.) in digital format, including photo, audio, and video.
    • o You can choose which files you’d prefer to keep private, and which files you’d like to share with us, giving us the ability to quickly access the information and make sure it is reflected in your plan
    • o If there’s an emergency, documents like wills, deeds, and proof of ID can be accessed digitally at your fingertips
    • Being organized is one of the best gifts you can give your family if something happens to you Do you know where your important papers and records are? Do your family members know?
    • You can even choose to share access to specific files with other important advisors, such as your attorney or CPA

Safe and Secure

Security Features

The Vault Wealth Management System employs the most advanced security feature protocols to keep your data safe, private, and secure, 24/7/365.

  • Password protection, with lockout
  • Highest encryption: 256-bit Secure Socket Layer, among the highest available
  • Non-Transactional: unlike banking or shopping websites, your money cannot be moved or accessed
  • Routine security testing: uses 3rd party security auditors to identify vulnerabilities
  • Physically secure: Data is hosted at a secure facility, and backed up at geographically separate locations